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Just the words “public speaking” can cause instant terror in some of us. In fact, many people have a real fear of talking in public and some research suggests it’s one of the most common phobias in the UK

Cognitive hypnotherapy has been found to be extremely successful for those suffering with a fear of public speaking, whether its work based or personal. It may build confidence levels, allow you to overcome your fear of public speaking and ensure you remain calm and relaxed. At the same time it may allow you to develop new positive ways of thinking and feeling. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy aim to seek out the root cause of your fear of public speaking by accessing the part of your mind that is triggering the fear of public speaking, helping you to change how you respond.

 Overcoming your fear of public speaking

Speaking in public can cause your body to shake, your mind to go blank and your stomach to feel physically sick. Everything in your mind may be saying “run away now”, but overcoming your fear of public speaking requires you to deliver your speech fluently, in spite of all these thoughts and feelings, which often seems impossible.

So what is it about standing up and talking in front of other people that causes so much anxiety? The fear of public speaking is a form of social phobia, and our natural ‘fight or flight’ response takes over – making you believe you’re in some kind of danger from which you need to escape which triggers off your fear of public speaking. This subconscious response can cause your throat to feel tight, your heart to beat faster, sweating, breathlessness, sickness and a number of other symptoms all leading to an overwhelming fear of public speaking.

The good news about your fear of public speaking

The good news about your fear of public speaking, however, is that you have the ability to re-educate your mind and create more appropriate responses for those situations that require you to talk in public and Cognitive Hypnotherapy may be just the thing to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

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Some people may only suffer mildly with a fear of public speaking and exhibit just one or two symptoms, while others may suffer extreme anxiety and have a number of symptoms. Symptoms of a fear of public speaking may include:

•    Inability to speak •    Shortness of breath •    Sweating •    Shaking •    Shaky voice •    Nausea •    Rapid breathing •    Blushing •    Mental blocks •    Tight chest •    Feeling nervous •    Feeling embarrassed •    Panic attack

There are a number of reasons why individuals may suffer from a fear of public speaking, including:

•    Lack of confidence/self-esteem •    Self-consciousness •    Fear about making a mistake, saying the wrong thing or falling over •    Fear of being the centre of attention •    Being in an unfamiliar situation •    Fear of being laughed at •    Fear of forgetting what to say •    Fear of being judged

The ability to speak confidently in public is a major life skill and overcoming your fear of public speaking is a skill that with a little effort and the right help almost anyone can overcome. It really is possible to turn the nightmare of a fear of public speaking into a lifelong pleasure.

A poetry reading at a wedding.

“Just to let you know the poem went brilliantly. I did not shake or go red and managed to read the poem slowly with emphasis on the “you”. It was strange but I was not nervous like I normally would be and actually enjoyed reading the poem. i think it helped that I was able to relate to the poem and I somehow managed to smile and put some humour into it.  People were laughing as I was reading the poem so I must have done well. After the ceremony quite a few people came up to me to say how lovely the reading was and someone even said I got the facial expressions perfect for the humour of the poem! Thank you for all your help. I am going to try and remember the confidence I had reading the poem for future presentations at work. If I can read in front of 120 people at the wedding I am sure I can get more confident for my work presentations too! Thanks again” Hannah*

*results may vary from person to person

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