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Ways to increase self-esteem

We are born somewhat small and vulnerable without any impression of who we are. When we are loved, nurtured and kept safe throughout our childhood (and sometimes teenage years and adulthood) then we blossom and bloom with a real sense of our own worth and a great deal of self-believe

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A hypnotic approach for obesity

Obesity is fast becoming a problem Obesity is in the media almost every day just now.  There is no doubt that being slimmer is normally associated with better health; high self-esteem and in some cases with enhanced happiness. To overcome your obesity you have...

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What is anxiety and 12 ways to deal with it

Ensuring that the mind and body work together in harmony is the key to overall wellbeing:

Step 1

Please don’t allow small discomforts to overtake your mood. Small things like a pain in the shoulder or sensitive gums for instance, if allowed to continue, may dray you down mentally. Get them sorted and you will find you relax more and feel happier.

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Understanding Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is being in the here and now; in the present moment.  It’s often described as “the being mode” or “sensing mode”.  It offers a way of freeing yourself from unhelpful ways of thinking and acting. What Mindfulness is not It is not being...

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How to overcome addiction

What Is Addiction? Whether your addiction is drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, or such abstract things as gambling, pornography or the internet; or even seemingly harmless products, such as chocolate or sugar, or even bread or cheese. Some people are also addicted to over...

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How to Overcome Social Anxiety

How social anxiety affects people As human beings, we truly feel the need to be accepted by other people, and this is why social anxiety is so common. Social Anxiety can affect anyone at any time, and causes problems with everyday situations, from going shopping to...

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Last week’s blog covered “What is depression”.  In this article, we look at the symptoms.  As already stated previously “major depression” is different from “low mood”. We may all at some time experience some of the symptoms shown below.  However, if you have more...

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What is Depression

Do you know what Depression means? Lots of people experience the symptoms of depression (see Part 2 next week).  They may start to wonder if there is something wrong with them and ask themselves if they are going mad!  It is not helpful if others say “just pull...

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