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At Set Your Mind Free we help you to overcome your weight issue; we will work together to enable you to unlock any emotional connection you may have with eating; as well as getting control back into your eating habits to enable you to lose weight.  

 ‘Eat less, exercise more’ – In essence, those four simple words should be the complete answer to the problem of how to lose weight, which faces countless thousands of people struggling to control or lose weight.  But are they?

It is an undeniable and unfortunate truth that for the majority of individuals dieting simply does not work. Indeed, instead of leading to permanent weight loss, diets in the long-term seem progressively to make matters worse. Research shows that one year after the start of a diet, 97% of dieters are as heavy, or even heavier, than they were at the beginning.

Issues connected with the desire to lose weight 

There might be issues that need to be overcome before before you embark on a programme to lose weight.  These may be  ‘emotional eating’, binge eating,  cravings, especially for sweet foods or with just eating too much.  These issues must be resolved alongside a healthy eating plan if you are to lose weight.  

With my lose weight hypnotherapy programme I can help you to look forward to a permanent change in behaviour and attitude helping you to lose weight and achieve the body you desire.    

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What clients say:

Over the last six weeks Leigh has helped me overcome problems with emotional eating and even stress and confidence issues.

I now eat more conscientiously; no longer binging or eating to overcome anxiety or deal with stress and I’ve learnt that overeating does not solve my problems or make problems/anxieties disappear.

I’m eating sensibly, making good healthy food choices and no longer bingeing on sugary foods. I NO LONGER CRAVE CHOCOLATE ALL THE TIME!

I have had issues with my weight and size for years, constantly losing and regaining weight. For the first time I now feel in control and know that Leigh has put me on the road to success in achieving my health and life goals!

I would recommend Leigh to anyone that has issues with their eating habits – emotional or otherwise.

She is a fantastic listener and mentor.

Thank you so much! Julia

Weight Loss

Sessions with Leigh have had a huge impact on my life.

I came for weight loss but found that I have been able to prioritise all aspects of my life.

I am eating better now than I have ever done and I know that this change will be for life, not like other “diet crazes”.

Thank you Leigh. Ru

Weight loss

After my first therapy session with Leigh I stopped eating chocolate, crisps and cakes and 4 weeks on I still haven’t had any. I was surprised how quickly this happened and four weeks on I have lost 8 lbs. Thank you Leigh. Rosemary

Weight loss

Leigh has been helpful and has encouraged me to reduce my weight. She has given me the tools to achieve my goal.

At the start of the course I was unsure if the process would work. Now I know it does!

I have lost 10 kgs (23 lbs.) in 10 weeks and have received various compliments from my work colleagues. My husband has been very supportive and has offered to fund several new wardrobes as I lost weight and downsized. Louise

Weight loss

Only 4 weeks in, 1 stone lighter and 3″ gone off my waist. It has got to be due to the hypnosis, as this has not happened on other weight loss programmes. Marian

Weight loss

From my first contact with Leigh by e-mail I felt reassured that she understood my goals and that the programme could be about me and what I wanted to achieve.

I have tried many times to ‘diet’ and be more healthy, but it always got pushed aside when the stresses got in first.

I really don’t feel I’ve been/am on a diet, yet I’ve lost weight, do lots more exercise and am really proud of myself. So it really is a lifestyle change for ever.

I do believe it’s worth the money (even my husband does as we have changed so much).

I really enjoy thinking about my goal and dream board, it is very relaxing and reminds me why I am doing this and distresses me.

Thank you so much Leigh – I know it sounds corny, but you could honestly say you have saved my life.

Thank you. Jane

Weight Loss

I cannot believe, how after years of yo-yo dieting, I now feel in control of food and the weight loss has been natural – no effort at all. I am focused now to continue my weight loss and feel that I have changed my thinking through Cognitive Hypnotherapy so strongly that I will continue to lose weight and keep it off when I have reached my goal.

Thank you. Bev

Weight Loss

Leigh’s hypnotherapy has played such a key part in helping me to regain my focus and control in my weight loss goals. I am now fully engaged in my exercise programme and forming healthy eating habits that are already showing results. I have also previously been to Leigh for help to stop smoking and with great success. I highly recommend Leigh’s hypnotherapy sessions. Thank you Leigh. Kerryn

Weight Loss & Stopping Smoking

For as long as I can remember I have been a secretive binge eater, but from my 1st session I can honestly say that binge eating is something I used to do.

With Leigh’s support and encouragement, I have lost 10 lbs. in 5 weeks and an incredible 3% body fat. I still want to lose about another stone and know for the 1st time in my life that I will actually get to my goal weight.

I owe Leigh so much and now feel that I can take on any challenge that life throws at me.

Thank you for helping me find myself again! Faye

Weight loss

I think it has been over 2 months now but the summer holidays were manic with the children and I am just getting caught up. Things are still going well with me, I have just passed the 30lbs lost mark which is fantastic. It is amazing how much better I feel and how much more I can do. Esther

Follow up to weight loss hypnosis

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