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At Set Your Mind Free we help you to overcome your weight issue; we will work together to enable you to unlock any emotional connection you may have with eating; as well as getting control back into your eating habits to enable you to lose weight.  

 ‘Eat less, exercise more’ – In essence, those four simple words should be the complete answer to the problem of how to lose weight, which faces countless thousands of people struggling to control or lose weight.  But are they?

It is an undeniable and unfortunate truth that for the majority of individuals dieting simply does not work. Indeed, instead of leading to permanent weight loss, diets in the long-term seem progressively to make matters worse. Research shows that one year after the start of a diet, 97% of dieters are as heavy, or even heavier, than they were at the beginning.

Issues connected with the desire to lose weight 

There might be issues that need to be overcome before before you embark on a programme to lose weight.  These may be  ‘emotional eating’, binge eating,  cravings, especially for sweet foods or with just eating too much.  These issues must be resolved alongside a healthy eating plan if you are to lose weight.  

With my lose weight hypnotherapy programme I can help you to look forward to a permanent change in behaviour and attitude helping you to lose weight and achieve the body you desire.    

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