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A Fear of Change and Uncertainty May Lead to Anxiety

A Fear of Change and Uncertainty May Lead to Anxiety

A Fear of Change and Uncertainty May Lead to Anxiety 

Because change is part of the unknown it very often leads to uncertainty about what the change will bring.

However, change is an integral part of life and nothing is ever certain.

Many people struggle with uncertainty.  Why is that?  Possibly because they want to know where they stand; how things are going to turn out and so on.

People embrace change as they feel comfortable and secure, confident and feel prepared for any and every eventuality (except change).

Ask yourself this? Is it really possible to be sure of everything in life?  Of course not. People like things they are comfortable with. Going to a restaurant they have been to before. They know how to get there, where the loos’ is and that it’s clean and the food is delicious. However, the business may have a new owner, the waitress that always served you may have gone off to university and the usual chef may be off sick. Are you going to let these things ruin your evening?

I have found that to avoid feelings of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, it’s a good idea to shoulder the ability to tolerate change and uncertainty. Otherwise, you may start to feel anxious due to the uncertainty of change.

There are many advantages to tolerating certainty:

Accept that uncertainty is part of life

Face your fears and you may even find you enjoy change and uncertainty

Change your attitude.  Uncertainty and change may bring adventures and a life that you had no idea awaited you.

Very often people tell me “I would rather stay with what I know”.  Please step out of this mindset as without change the world as we know it would not exist. Change and uncertainty lead us to new and improved methods, just look at all the attempts and time it took to perfect the wheel.

Not all change is good or advantageous of course, but have no doubt change and thus uncertainty will arrive in everybody’s life.

There are only two certainties in life currently – Life and Death.

My teenage grandson once said to me “We can be sure daylight will come tomorrow”, unfortunately, that may not be the case!

A lot of research has been undertaken into what makes people lucky and happy. The answer appears to be that they become tolerant of uncertainty and therefore change.  Of course, all change may not be good, but it is inevitable and therefore it’s really important to accept that fact. If you don’t you may spend your life feeling anxious, worried and unhappy.

A Fear of Change and Uncertainty May Lead to Anxiety

Rigidity and inflexibility mean we may get stuck in a boring, monotonous life as we cling to the familiar and then one day when we are older we may wonder “is that all life had to offer”.

When we are intolerant of uncertainty we may live in the past or focus on the future.  Living in the here and now (mindfulness) may have a great impact on you as you accept the moment, uncertainty, change and all.

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A Fear of Change and Uncertainty May Lead to Anxiety

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