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A Hypnotic Approach to Obesity

A Hypnotic Approach to Obesity

Obesity is fast becoming a problem

Obesity is in the media almost every day just now. There is no doubt that being slimmer is normally associated with better health; high self-esteem and in some cases with enhanced happiness.

To overcome your obesity you have probably tried every new diet regime going, lost weight and then put it straight back on again. Does this sound like you?  If so you are not alone. Your “diet” plan may work short-term but it’s not maintainable long term and you consequently pile back on the weight.  Is this you? Lots of people worldwide are struggling with obesity.

There are lots of us happily throwing money at every new fad diet available, desperately trying to achieve the weight management promised alongside the glossy pictures and recipes. So why is it you don’t ever see these so-called ‘success stories’ years after they have shed a lot on these diet plans? Why is it that there is no diet everyone ‘swears by’? It’s due to the fact none of these fads, diets or promises of a ‘new you’ deal with your obesity and finds out what’s actually going on a deeper level.

Obesity is the result of bad habits?

Some people learn bad habits and become obese as children. That’s because there isn’t a supplement, fad diet or basket packed with superfoods on the market that can tackle the bigger issue that has enticed you to overeat. Just what could be happening in our minds to make us eat more than we need to and become obese? When we are younger we can acquire some unhealthy habits that stay with us through to adult life. We are told we should eat up what’s in front of us, whether or not we are not hungry. We are also subjected to a vast level of fast food advertising and marketing all aimed (but not always successful) at beating our obesity issue.

All of us are at the mercy of junk food advertising all around us, at times even when we don’t understand it’s there. Junk food advertising is also something we are constantly confronted with. Unaware of the constant marketing around us, we absorb hundreds of positive messages about junk food every day. Subliminal messages are routine in advertising and product placement is increasing on TV and in motion pictures all leading to obesity.

Additionally, there is a shared feeling of being ‘naughty’ when we have unhealthy food and a general attitude of us all deserving a reward every day. All or none of these examples could have contributed to your weight gain, however, they are just a tiny number of contributing factors we encounter in our daily lives.

Obesity is not an issue for everyone…

Some people do find success with dieting and exercise alone. However, other people need help with unhelpful and sabotaging emotions around healthy eating.

Good intentions and self-discipline can help, but every now and then they are not always enough to tackle this obesity epidemic. Conscious effort is often inadequate to tackle deep behavioural issues associated with obesity. These problems can be dealt with by making use of hypnotherapy.

A Hypnotic Approach to Obesity

You will learn how to recognise the issues that have caused you to be obese and learn how to control them long term through the use of hypnotherapy as it can change the underlying behaviour patterns that support your unwanted obesity issue.

So rather than staying on the endless obesity yo-yo of diet plans, a hypnotic approach can allow you to gain highly effective control of your thoughts and therefore your dietary habits. You might need commitment and passion and a positive lifestyle change, but you will struggle much less with obesity because your mind should be stronger and more focused.

A Hypnotic Approach to Obesity

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