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Worry and Anxiety

Worry and Anxiety What if… what if this… what if that…” is the usual thought process of someone who is an extreme worrier. These worriers are often described as having “what if disease.” General Anxiety Disorder Many people are not consciously aware of the often overwhelming consequences of extreme worrying. GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder […]

Could Being a Perfectionist Lead to Anxiety?

Could Being a Perfectionist Lead to Anxiety? Before we delve any deeper into the question, let’s investigate what people believe perfectionism is: Perfectionists may have the belief that everything must be absolutely perfect all the time and so they may spend a huge amount of time on even the smallest issue. They may also strive […]

A Fear of Change and Uncertainty May Lead to Anxiety

A Fear of Change and Uncertainty May Lead to Anxiety  Because change is part of the unknown it very often leads to uncertainty about what the change will bring. However, change is an integral part of life and nothing is ever certain. Many people struggle with uncertainty.  Why is that?  Possibly because they want to […]

Causes of and ways to overcome anxiety

Causes of anxiety Whether your anxiety is classed as General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety/Low Self-Esteem, Panic, Phobias, OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) or PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) There isn’t just one cause of your anxiety. There are many things that may contribute to developing your particular type of anxiety: Genetics – Some people may be […]

How to Sleep Better

How to Sleep Better Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy for insomnia If you have difficulties sleeping you don’t need to be constantly reminded on social media or in the press about how a lack of sleep affects both your physical and mental health. But you know! Tired, worn-out, irritable, cannot concentrate, anxious, these are a […]

Does the way you think impact your physical health?

Does the way you think impact your physical health? Many people suffer from anxiety, worry and depression.  All these things usually come under the heading of “Negative thinking” for example Catastrophising/Making Mountains out of molehills would be a prime example. An example of this maybe someone who is prone to migraine.  They have a fall […]

Six Basic Types of Anxiety

Six Basic Types of Anxiety The six basic types of anxiety are listed below, but please bear in mind that your anxiety may include more than one. Whatever your issue/s they may be helped with a course of clinical hypnosis/cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Generalised anxiety disorder(GAD) A person may feel anxious on most days, worrying […]

Ways to Increase Your Self Esteem

Ways to Increase Self Esteem – Ask trustworthy family and friends what they like/admire about you. If I asked you how many positive traits you possessed I wonder how many you could name? If I asked you how many negative traits you possessed I wonder how many you could name? It’s interesting that most people […]

8 Signs You Have Too Much Stress Hormones

So what are the stress hormones?  Well, the main one is Cortisol, however, the other one you may be more familiar with is adrenaline. More or less we know that too much stress is bad for us; however, a small amount is a good thing, it gets us up in the morning and ensures we […]


When we are overthinking things, we may start to over analyse our thoughts which can lead to unwanted behaviour. Then you can believe your thoughts are controlling you rather than you controlling them. Whether it is something that happened in the past or a future event you are worried about, overthinking and negative thinking steals your […]

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