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Weight Loss

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Lose weight with hypnotherapy: Many people will experience unintended weight gain in the course of their everyday lives. We must face it, the population, in general, has become heavier and heavier. The difficulties related to body weight have always been with us. But the struggle to lose weight is becoming harder and harder every day. Everyone […]

4 Ways to Overcome Emotional Eating

Well, Summer is here. If you are an emotional eater just the thought of holidays with an overweight body is enough to compound your emotional eating.  You feel so bad about your body and exposing it in summer clothes you eat even more to comfort yourself. In order to achieve a happy body image and maintain […]

Weight loss through Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Did you realise that one in three women has dieted in the last 12 months yet only 14% succeed in keeping the weight off long term? It’s no secret that to lose weight, we need to eat the right (healthy) foods, drop the sugar; eat smaller portions, take regular exercise and drink less alcohol. We […]

Tweaks to keep your slim figure in check

OK, you’ve your Slim Figure, now what? How do you maintain your new slim figure?  What to do?  If you go back to what you did before you started your “diet” (I prefer the term and the process of healthy eating) you will soon be back at the same weight as before. So many people lose weight, put […]

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