A hypnotic approach for obesity

A hypnotic approach for obesity

Obesity is fast becoming a problem

Obesity is in the media almost every day just now.  There is no doubt that being slimmer is normally associated with better health; high self-esteem and in some cases with enhanced happiness.

To overcome your obesity you have probably tried every new diet regime going, lost weight and then put it straight back on again. Does this sound like you?  If so you are not alone. Your “diet” plan may work short-term but it’s not maintainable long term and you consequently pile back on the weight.  Is this you? Lots of people worldwide are struggling with obesity.

There are lots of us happily throwing money at every new fad diet available, desperately trying to achieve the weight management promised alongside the glossy pictures and recipes. So why is it you don’t ever see these so called ‘success stories’ years after they have shed a lot on these diet plans? Why is it that there is no diet everyone ‘swears by’? It’s due to the fact none of these fads, diets or promises of a ‘new you’ deal with your obesity and find out what’s actually going on a deeper level.

Obesity is the result of bad habits?

Some people learn bad habits and become obese as children.That’s because there isn’t a supplement, fad diet or basket packed with super foods on the market that can tackle the bigger issue that has enticed you to overeat. Just what could be happening in our minds to make us eat more than we need to and become obese? When we are younger we can acquire some unhealthy habits that stay with us through to adult life. We are told we should eat up what’s in front of us, whether or not we are not hungry. We are also subjected to a vast level of fast food advertising and marketing all aimed (but not always successful) at beating our obesity issue.

All of us are at the mercy of junk food advertising all around us, at times even when we don’t understand it’s there. Junk food advertising is also something we are constantly confronted with. Unaware of the constant marketing around us, we absorb hundreds of positive messages about junk food every day. Subliminal messages are routine in advertising and product placement is increasing on TV and in motion pictures all leading to obesity.

Additionally there is a shared feeling of being ‘naughty’ when we have an unhealthy food and a general attitude of us all deserving a reward every day. All or none of these examples could have contributed to your weight gain, however they are just a tiny number of contributing factors we encounter in our daily lives.

Obesity is not an issue for everyone…

Some people do find success with dieting and exercise alone. However, other people need help with unhelpful and sabotaging emotions around healthy eating.

Good intentions and self-discipline can help, but every now and then they are not always enough to tackle this obesity epidemic. Conscious effort is often inadequate to tackle deep behavioural issues associated with obesity. These problems can be dealt with making use of hypnotherapy.

You will learn how to recognise the issues that have caused you to be obese and learn how to control them long term through the use of hypnotherapy as it can change the underlying behaviour patterns that support your unwanted obesity issue.

So rather than staying on the endless obesity yo yo of diet plans, a hypnotic approach can allow you to gain highly effective control of your thoughts and therefore your dietary habits. You might need commitment and passion and a positive lifestyle change, but you will struggle much less with obesity because your mind should be stronger and more focused.

Discover how to Lose Weight with hypnotherapy

Discover how to Lose Weight with hypnotherapy

Lose weight with hypnotherapy

Many people will experience unintended weight gain in the course of their everyday lives.

We must face it, the population in general has become heavier and heavier. The difficulties related to body weight have always been with us. But the struggle to lose weight is becoming harder and harder every day.

Everyone is confronted with easy to cook processed foods and readymade meals. They are promoted in supermarkets, on the television, on the radio and social websites. And also since everyone is getting busier and busier, we’re also getting more and more dependent on fast, and easy convenience food. As a consequence your self-control is challenged on a daily basis and it becomes more and more difficult to avoid temptation and lose weight.

There seems to be different programme advertised weekly that offer a fast fix in order to lose weight. Surgical treatment are also considered to be an option to lose weight for a few. Pre-cooked and measured food, surgical procedures and magic pill diet plans do not deal with this issue long term. Comfort eating is mostly a significantly ingrained concern.

Hypnosis can help you lose weight

If you find yourself grazing on unhealthy foods all evening, it is likely you have a relatively significant issue that is which causes this. Without any help these profoundly ingrained patterns can be very complicated to deal with and make it virtually impossible to lose weight. Hypnosis will help you overcome these unhealthy eating habits and lose weight and keep it off long term.

Studies would suggest hypnotherapy is successful if you want to lose weight and gain control and is more effective than some “diets” in order to lose weight. The final results continued to stay positive for these individuals, several years after the original studies came to an end. You’ll find many scientific studies that provide the figures favouring hypnotherapy to lose weight over traditional dieting methods.

To lose weight requires determination

Determination is an often utilised word in connection to the ability to lose weight. This is simply not factual. You may be strong willed but damaging patterns of behaviour occur deep within the subconscious and could continue to influence your progress unless they are addressed.

Your brain is robust and your will can be even more robust, this is an essential attributes for the change needed to order to lose weight. Nonetheless, occasionally we all need just a little assistance particularly in relation to our ability to lose weight. A hypnotherapist won’t make the improvements for you, they help you unlock the potential within your head that may help you develop the control you desire and require in order to lose the weight you desire.

Even though there are numerous aspects in terms of weight-loss. A hypnotic approach can be hugely valuable in changing the behaviours of individuals who have been dealing with weight gain for countless years. For many people an increase in weight is produced over a long time.  Just by merely eating one cake per day that could sabotage all your efforts to lose weight and could add up to a gain in weight of nearly 4 stone every year. Thus, by just adjusting this one behaviour it can prevent the fat gain in its tracks.”

Weight loss through Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Can it really work?

Weight loss through Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Can it really work?

 Cognitive HypnotherapyDid you realise that one in three women has dieted in the last 12 months yet only 14% succeed in keeping the weight off long term?

It’s no secret that to lose weight, we need to eat the right (healthy) foods, drop the sugar; eat smaller portions, take regular exercise and drink less alcohol. We all know the basic rules yet according to the figures, most of us ignore them long term even though we have a genuine desire to lose weight.

So what is going on when you cannot sustain your Weight Loss?

This is where Cognitive Hypnotherapy can make a life-changing difference in the following ways:

  1. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) we investigate the reasons you want to lose weight.
  2. We examine what you currently eat and what you think in the culprit of your weight gain
  3. We look in more depth at what you currently eat and why
  4. We investigate whether you are an emotional eater and/or a faster or craver.
  5. We look at your sabotaging thoughts around healthy eating
  6. We then explore your portion sizes
  7. We work on a plan to help you keep the weight off for life

Following these investigations, we tackle your subconscious mind using gentle hypnotherapy.  Exposing your mind to positive suggestions while your body is relaxed and your mind is calm will help you make the changes you desire.

It works and it takes away the need to rely on will-power alone. By changing the way you think about food and the way you eat, you can begin making long-term, permanent changes to how you view food. Once that happens, the weight will start to fall away and the new you will begin to emerge. No more slimming club meetings, no more tasteless low-calorie convenience meals and no more boring obsessing with the calorie count of every mouthful you consume.

Here is what a couple of the many clients I have helped, have had to say:

  • “Sessions with Leigh have had a huge impact on my life. I came for weight loss but found that I have been able to prioritise all aspects of my life. I am eating better now than I have ever done and I know that this change will be for life, not like other “diet crazes”.
  • “As a retired GP with a chronic weight problem I felt I knew everything about dieting and losing weight. However, I had dieted so frequently over so many years that I had finally lost the will to start all over again. Try as I would I could not seriously address the problem. I came to Leigh hoping she would be able to give me the will power to resume dieting. In fact she did very much more than that.

Her method is to act as a friendly advisor, making simple and easy suggestions as to how the diet can be changed without suffering hunger and how the lifestyle can be altered to effect gradual but sustained weight loss.

The hypnosis seems almost to be secondary to the advice and encouragement, although in truth it is much more than that. To my surprise I found that I rapidly regained the will to bring my eating under control; the difference, this time was that it was not difficult. Using Leigh’s method, there was no hunger, no headaches and no irritability. I quickly established a routine which was based upon my lifestyle choices and I found I could maintain it.

I am now lighter than I have been in years and the benefits of the lifestyle changes are considerable. In particular my mobility and agility are greatly improved; my breathing is easier and persistent indigestion has almost completely cleared up. Finally and most important I feel that I shall be able to maintain my new weight. I have been given techniques to use to help me do this should I need them, and I know I can always ask Leigh for further help should I need to do so. I unreservedly recommend Leigh and “Set Your Mind Free” to anyone who needs help controlling their weight”.

If you would like to find out more about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy will help you lose weight, just give me a call on 01908 265410 or e-mail [email protected] and I’ll be happy to meet and explain how this safe, painless therapy can start to change your life!  

28 Tweaks to Hold onto your New Slim Figure

28 Tweaks to Hold onto your New Slim Figure

OK, you’ve your Slim Figure, now what?

How do you maintain your new slim figure?  What to do?  If you go back to what you did before you started your “diet” (I prefer the term and the process of healthy eating) you will soon be back at the same weight as before.

So many people lose weight, put it on, lose it again put on even more and so on.

The main thing to ask yourself before you start any eating programme is “can I sustain this and with a few tweaks is this something I can continue to do without feeling deprived?

Tweaks to keep your Slim Figure in check

So you get it right based on the above statement and start your healthy eating; reach your goal weight and then you need to think about the tweaks/tricks you are going to do to ensure you keep it off.  So, what are they?  Below are some ways to keep that well-achieved loss in check:

  1. Drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning.
  2. Make sure to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. This will help balance your hormones, including the ones that regulate appetite.
  3. Try to leave at least 12 hours between your last meal of the day and breakfast.
  4. Have some protein with every meal.
  5. Up your fibre through eating lots of green vegetables
  6. Have home-made vegetable soup before your main meal
  7. Eat a handful of nuts every day.
  8. Walk or exercise for 30 minutes 5 times a week.
  9. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.
  10. Eat from a smaller plate
  11. When you feel emotional do something else other than eat, go for a walk, call a friend, or take a hot bath for instant.  Always have a contingency plan in case this happens.
  12. Plan your food weekly, batch cook at the weekend if you are short of time in the week and eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks each day.
  13. Get used to taking at least 20 minutes to eat a meal.
  14. Ensure that every mouthful of food is adding value (nutrients) to your body.
  15. Snack on water-rich foods, such as cucumber, celery, lettuce, radishes, or tomatoes.
  16. Spice up your food with chilli/piri piri.
  17. Always sit down to eat and put the food on a plate. (Buy yourself a beautiful journal and note what you eat, how
  18. Had a big lunch? Make it a small dinner.
  19. Take the stairs rather than the lift or escalator
  20. Park the furthest away in the car park at work or the supermarket.
  21. Don’t be afraid of the good fats in dairy, meat, fish etc. BUT be very wary of added sugar
  22. Always read the labels.
  23. Use plain cashew or almond butter instead of mayonnaise.
  24. Drink green tea.
  25. Munch on carrots or blueberries while eating TV.
  26. When it comes to fruit go for berries or citrus fruit rather than very sweet fruit like grapes or pineapple.
  27. Weigh yourself on the same day each week, if you have put on even a few ounces then decide what you may change the next week (i.e. no potatoes).
  28. And lastly always ask yourself “do I really want this unhealthy food or would I prefer to keep this healthy and slim body”?  That is always your choice.
  29. Weigh yourself on the same day each week, if you have put on even a few ounces then decide what you may change the next week (i.e. no potatoes).