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Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Ensuring that the mind and body work together in harmony is the key to overall wellbeing, below we give 10 ways of dealing with anxiety:

Step 1

Please don’t allow small discomforts to overtake your mood.  Small things like a pain in the shoulder or sensitive gums for instance, if allowed to continue, may dray you down mentally.  Get them sorted and you will find you relax more and feel happier.

Step 2

Identify what is important to you.  What makes you smile/laugh?  Take notice of it and incorporate it into your life.  Simple things like colours or smells can have a real impact on your emotions.

Step 3

Be true to yourself.  There is no need to just follow the crowd.  Be strong and figure out what works for you.

Step 4

Possessions don’t need to be based on how much they are materially worth, but on what memories they bring to you or the meanings they have for you.  Keep them visible and appreciate them for what they are.

Step 5

Strengthen current relationships; also, invest time in making new ones.  Make time for family and friends.  People with a variety of contacts tend to be healthier in mind and body.

Step 6

Be interested in others.  What makes them tick, what do they like?  Ask them about their family and friends.  Most of all be known as a good listener.

Step 7

Don’t look at life through dark coloured glasses and only notice the negatives.  Put on those rose-coloured glasses and start to pay attention to the good stuff more than the bad stuff.

Step 8

Be in the moment; pay attention to the here and now.  Enjoy the 5 senses more often: Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell and Feelings.

Step 9

Change how you think.  It is well known that thoughts lead to feelings and then actions.  So, choose to think in more positive ways.

Step 10

Change what you do.  Take time for you – you are important.  Listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite movie or read your favourite book.  You don’t have to be a people pleaser all the time; it’s ok to be a “Me pleaser”.

Dealing with Anxiety

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