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How to Overcome Social Anxiety

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

How social anxiety affects people

As human beings, we truly feel the need to be accepted by other people, and this is why social anxiety is so common.

Social Anxiety can affect anyone at any time, and causes problems with everyday situations, from going shopping to talking to people on the phone, as well as meeting with new people, and eating or drinking in public.

Some also fear being criticised and will find themselves avoiding contact with people just in case they are criticised.

Social anxiety may go hand in hand with other mental health issues

People with social phobia usually have numerous insecurities and are likely to suffer from low self-esteem; may develop anxiety attacks which can include feeling sick, chest pains, shaking and a suffocating feeling; or it may lead to depression and they may turn to substance or irresponsible drinking to cope with their feelings of anxiousness.

As the issue escalates, the fears could become self-fulfilling, as relationships start to collapse and daily life becomes considerably more difficult.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

The good thing is that hypnotherapy together with cognitive behavioural therapy may help reduce and overcome social anxiety, regardless of how severe it has become.

Hypnotherapy may help to identify and treat any underlying inappropriate beliefs which have been fuelling feelings of fear and worry. It also aims to help the individual overcome these feelings and anxieties.

Hypnotherapy works by helping an individual to change their beliefs and feelings about past events in addition to boosting levels of self-confidence and control and can help reverse the spiral of social anxiety and help the person resume a normal life.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

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