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Bad Habits


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Bad Habits

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Changing Bad Habits
in Milton Keynes. 

Habits are learned by repetition, but what’s the process? Firstly, there is a trigger that allows the brain to go into an automatic state. That trigger could be anything from a smell, the time of the day, the person you are with or even stress or boredom.

Secondly, there is the routine which could be anything from answering the phone, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, driving the car and so on. Thirdly there is the reward which helps the brain to decide if the habit is worth remembering in the future! For instance, a pay-off in terms of the taste of chocolate; the relief from craving that comes with smoking a cigarette or the sense of relaxation that may come from a glass of wine.

Habits consist of a trigger, routine and reward model

Over a period of time this “trigger, routine, reward” habit mode becomes more and more automatic until a dominant sense of expectation appears. Just the sight of cigarettes or chocolate is enough to set off a craving habit.

Whether the habits are good or bad, it doesn’t matter as far as the brain is concerned. In fact, it cannot tell the difference. You can learn to overcome unhelpful habits by creating a new trigger, by simply breaking the routine or by finding a new reward.

Help to change habits:

One very important component of changing habits is your belief; your belief that you can change the habits; that you are in charge, not the habits. The belief that you are stronger than the unhelpful habits and, of course, you are.

So start believing today and call 01908 265410 for more information on how Cognitive Hypnotherapy may help you to change from negative to positive habits, or to book an appointment for a free initial consultation.

What people say?

“Hi Leigh, it’s Andy here, I saw you about a month ago for nail biting. Just to let you know it’s going very well and with surprisingly minimal self-supervision. My nails are looking a lot better, so thank you! Amazed it was that straightforward”.
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