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Bed Wetting


Milton Keynes

Do you need help dealing with bed wetting?

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Bed Wetting in Milton Keynes

Bed wetting in children is not that uncommon. Though most children naturally gain bladder control at night, they do so at different ages. From 5 to 7 million kids wet the bed some or most nights — with twice as many boys wetting their bed as girls. After age 5, about 15% of children continue to wet the bed, and by age 10, 95% of children are dry at night.

Help Dealing With Bed Wetting

Wet beds leave bad feelings all around. Frustrated parents sometimes conclude a child is wetting the bed out of laziness. Kids worry there’s something wrong with them — especially when teasing siblings chime in. Fear of wetting the bed at a friend’s sleepover can create social awkwardness.

For some, wetting the bed may be an inevitable part of growing up, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic and it can be overcome.

If your child needs help in overcoming wetting the bed then Cognitive Hypnotherapy (which uses cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy in tandem) is likely to help.  Just call me on 01908 265410 to book a free consultation for both of you.

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