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Stop Smoking


Milton Keynes

Do you need help to stop smoking?

We are here to help!

Stop Smoking in Milton Keynes

My stop smoking programme includes:

  • Hypnosis to accessing the power of your mind.
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to tackle your emotional side.
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to challenge the logical mind.

This combination of therapies will help you overcome your cravings. My quit smoking hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to stop. I am listed on the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists which is governed by the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Most people believe that smoking is 50% addiction and 50% habit. But with your mind power strengthened by my hypnosis for smoking technique, you will overcome your addiction. You’ll also recognise the trigger, routine, and reward system of your habit and put a stop to it.

My two hour stop smoking hypnosis session will help you to “give up the weed” for good. But you need to ensure that you’re ready, determined, and motivated. Make sure the choice is yours and not someone else’s.

Stop smoking and face up to the negatives of this destructive habit

Your subconscious mind knows how destructive cigarettes are to your (and others) health and well being. Like most smokers, however, (I am an ex-smoker myself) you gloss over the negatives because you find it easier to carry on smoking, rather than to stop.

You just ignore the truth of this destructive addiction. You continue to smoke because you believe that puff reduces stress. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reduce the stress of everyday living, like overwork, children’s demands or money worries. Why doesn’t smoking reduce stress? Because cigarettes are stimulants not tranquilisers!

What are the benefits when you stop smoking?  There are quite a few!

  • You’ll have better health and less chance of cancer, heart attack/stroke
  • You may live 10-20 years longer
  • You’ll no longer smell of stale tobacco smoke
  • You’ll have more money – a 20 day smoker spends about £3,000 a year on fags
  • You’ll gain freedom from being enslaved by a drug
  • Your confidence will increase when you take control back into your life

Ask yourself this question “Who is in control, you or the cigarettes”? If it’s the cigarettes, join my hypnosis to quit smoking programme and get back in control.

If you want to be back in control and stop smoking using hypnotherapy phone 01908 265410 to arrange your appointment.  Don’t delay do it today and face a happy, healthy future*.

*results may vary from person to person

What people say?

With your help I have been a non-smoker for a few months now. I’ll be honest – I didn’t expect it to work for me. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to hypnotise me. But, here I am months later – not smoking. It still took a lot of will-power, but it removed the anxiety – which was a problem for me. And my wife reports I was much less irritable than when I’ve tried in the past. So, thank you. I do feel confident that I can say ‘never again’ and mean it! Looking forward to the future with my kids
Have been a non smoker for one month now. Can’t believe how easy its been. Considering MK half marathon on 2 May next year. Thanks for your help.
We are both feeling great, not smoking and getting hardly any cravings. We feel like we have got a new lease of life, clean and healthy, thank you.
Catherine and Oliver
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