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Do you need help dealing with stress?

We are here to help!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Stress in Milton Keynes

Stress can be defined as the way you feel when you’re under too much pressure.

Pressure can be caused by work, home or our personal lives, and each individual will cope differently with these levels of stress. What you may regard as highly stressful, another person may only regard as mild or not  at all. Problems occur when you feel you are unable to cope with the level  you face, and you feel that you are not coping.

Other areas of Stress include:

Please see my specific pages for more help on these areas.

*results may vary from person to person

What people say?

“Leigh you have the wonderful skill of getting to the heart of my goals and aims, and helping me achieve them. Your sessions have noticeably allowed me to help myself. Thank you so much.”*
Client Endorsement
Leigh is really friendly and engaging. She made me feel comfortable to talk about my concerns right from the first session. 6 sessions later I have really noticed a difference!
I definitely feel less worried and less stressed. The sessions helped me realise why I have negative thoughts and how to stop them.
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