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Client Testimonials for Set Your Mind Free in Milton Keynes

All Client Endorsements are available to view in my therapy room.*(please be aware that all results are variable) either in hard copy in my “endorsement book” or by viewing copies of e-mails sent to me.

All Client Endorsements below are listed in alphabetical order of the issue, e.g. alcohol reduction followed by anxiety and so on.


I cannot thank you enough for the help, support, motivation and guidance you have given me over the past 6 weeks. I feel like a different person, who is stronger and in charge of my own life. It feels great and I have you to thank with every piece of my heart. You never judged me; always made me feel comfortable and positive You are an inspiration and a wonderful role model, but most of all a beautiful person. Thank you f or everything.
I just want to give you an update how it’s going for me so far. After I left on a Monday my mind kept rebelling and I did have coke for lunch and dinner but on Tuesday and onwards I had no issues at all. Today it will be a week exactly and I have not had coke and neither have I had the urge. Thanks
Addiction to Coca Cola

Alcohol Cessation

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your consultation. It has been great help in my efforts to control my vices and get fit again. I would recommend you to anybody! Take care and thanks again
Alcohol Cessation & Weight Loss

Anger Management

Thank you for all your help; our sessions have been very useful for identifying my issue and providing techniques that will be useful in life and sports.

Anxiety Release

I feel in a much better place than when I started. I am now ready for the next chapter in my life.
Fear of Strange Places and People
My partner has noticed a much improved, calmer, happier me in my anxiety levels.
Leigh is extremely professional. She talked to me and then created a 6 week plan of treatment. She is warm, easy to talk to and keen to help. I feel I have more insights and lots of techniques to help my anxiety and would definitely recommend her. Thank you
Thank you for guiding me on a journey and showing me other ways to think, react and be. I am, at last, experiencing an internal calmness I didn’t think I could every achieve. The result is that my family have told me that I am less mercurial and they don’t feel as if they are walking on eggshells around me anymore, as I am radiating my calmness. I will continue listening to the CD’s and be vigilant against those negative thoughts that can creep in, and remember to flick them away, and to keep mindful that life is full of uncertainties which don’t have to have negative outcomes. Thank you for helping me to make the change into the person I want to be.
After suffering in silence with my anxiety and panic symptoms for many years, I decided it was time to seek help from someone who really understands the intricacies of these conditions. Leigh’s wealth of experience immediately became apparent and she put me at ease with her relaxing manner throughout the 6 session course. The tools and techniques that Leigh supplied me with have made a huge impact, I now have the confidence and mindfulness to begin moving forward with my life. I have already recommended Leigh to a close family member.
Anxiety & Panic
I feel like I am more in control of my thoughts and feelings. I have a much better understanding of my way of thinking and I am much calmer and happier as a result. Feeling positive about the future.
I think anxiety is something you have to deal with throughout life, but these sessions have really helped change my way of thinking and helped me cope. I feel a change within myself and I will continue to use the tools and steps I have learnt. Thank you so much.
Anxiety and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
I came to Leigh for treating my anxiety. I found Leigh’s Hypnotherapy extremely effective with treating my condition. By the second session I noticed a marked difference and I think the CD she gave that accompanied the session was excellent. Leigh is understanding and the session is very relaxed. I recommend her services without hesitation.
I cannot recommend Leigh’s services enough! After battling my demons for many years, I can finally say I have conquered the art of self discovery. Leigh’s warm, friendly approach made me feel at ease straight away, allowing me to open up about things I’d never opened up to before and tackle issues I had maybe put to one side. I cannot believe the transformation hypnotherapy has had on me and I would definitely recommend it! Thank you for your patience and perseverance Leigh!
Leigh has helped me so much over the 6 sessions that I have had with her. She has really improved my self confidence and my overall outlook on life, I am now able to feel confident when going out unlike before where I would feel extremely anxious. Leigh has made such an impact on me and she is truly amazing. Thank you so much.
I feel much happier, and in control. I am able to cope with life’s issues in a calmer way. It doesn’t seem so bad any more.
Anxiety Causing Overactive Bladder
Leigh you have the wonderful skill of getting to the heart of my goals and aims, and helping me achieve them. Your sessions have noticeably allowed me to help myself. Thank you so much.
A 4/7/15
General Anxiety/Stress and Disturbed Sleep
Leigh’s in depth knowledge of anxiety and associated disorders is exceptional. After 6 sessions I feel my life has turned a corner and I can begin to live again.
Leigh has helped me deal with anxiety and panic attacks. She is a very warm and friendly individual and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. As long as you are prepared to help yourself and complete any tasks provided, I have no doubt Leigh can help you overcome any issues you may be facing. Leigh has provided me with resources and CD’s so my treatment can continue after my sessions have finished, which is great! Thank you for helping me.
The difference in my general health and wellbeing over the 6 session course has been noticed by friends and family. I am a much calmer, relaxed and confident person than I was at the start of the course. I am happier at home and at work. I look healthier and I feel great. I am also now in a position to help myself going forward should I lapse. Of course, I might just give Leigh a call because I have enjoyed our sessions and would recommend her services unreservedly to others.
Leigh has made a big difference not only to my daughter but to us as a family. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help. I will definitely be telling all my friends and family. Thank you Leigh you are amazing.
Thank you so much or all your help. You have helped me overcome my irrational fear. Before, I couldn’t go in public without being ‘desperate’ to go to the toilet and was petrified to go to the cinema. Now I can go anywhere without a single worry. You have changed my way of thinking and I cannot thank you enough. Worth every single penny!
Anxiety Causing Overactive Bladder
I went to see Leigh about health anxiety and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. My health anxiety affected my every day life, but since seeing Leigh and listening to the CD’s that she gave me, I have a completely new outlook and no longer worry. Thank you so much for all your help.
Health Anxiety
I feel so much more confident, happier and excited about things in the future. I do not feel the worry that I did at events that are about to occur in my life. I have learned ways to calm me and I can cope and enjoy them.
Leigh has helped me to become less stressed and anxious and have a more balanced view of myself and life.
I definitely feel less worried and less stressed. The sessions helped me realise why I have negative thoughts and how to stop them.
I definitely feel less worried and less stressed. The sessions helped me realise why I have negative thoughts and how to stop them.


Hello Leigh I had an appointment with you on Friday 20 May for help with my dystonia. I listen to your tape every night and it really does seem to have helped. The neck still pulls to the right hand side a little but listening to your tape does relax things and it is much more bearable. I can sleep a lot better. And the best thing is that when I do wake up I can lie still with my neck relaxed and it feels lovely. So thank you for your help.
Dystonia - Involuntary Muscle Spasm

Craving Release

Since starting hypnotherapy with Leigh I have completely lost my desire for sweet things and the “need” for bread”.
A.B. Jones

Depression and Low Mood

Leigh has given me a variety of techniques that I have been able to practice myself, and that have enabled me to start living the kind of life I thought had been lost forever. I wake up every morning with an optimism for the future and confidence that I am getting better every day. These are not small things, they are life-changing. I am calm, settled, relaxed and feel able to face new challenges. These gifts are precious – thank you, Leigh!
After losing my Husband suddenly 3 years ago I wanted my life to end as well, I sank into a depression that wouldn’t go away, I didn’t want to go out, do anything socially avoided contact as much as I could. Was convinced that I wasn’t wanted or needed by anyone, I had lost my self-esteem. My family worried for me and I agreed to see Leigh. From being suicidal this Lovely Lady has given me the tools to cope with my life without him and rebuild my confidence I cannot thank her enough. She has turned my life around,
After realising that I had fallen into depression again and promising my wife I would get some help, I turned to Leigh for help. After an initial consultation I found her understanding, kind and knowledgeable about my illness. I decided to invest in a six session course. Well I can tell you now is that it has changed my life and who I am today is nothing like who I was when I first started. I am out and about, I am enjoying life, I am feeling free. The course was a mixture of CBT and Hypnotherapy which really worked for me. I loved that the Hypnotherapy was recorded on to CD’s so I could listen to them again in my own time to reinforce the message. I have seen a CBT practitioner before and Leigh’s skill and prices are just great. So if you are suffering from Depression or any some other issues try her out, you won’t regret it.
I definitely feel less worried and less stressed. The sessions helped me realise why I have negative thoughts and how to stop them.

Fears and Phobias

I have found my sessions life changing. Leigh has helped me to realise that my phobia of being a passenger could be overcome. I have tried counselling in the past with limited success, but Leigh has shown me that with the right support I could overcome the obstacles holding me back. Thank you so much Leigh. I would recommend you to others.
Fear of being a passenger
I hope you are well. Your recorded sessions were an absolute god send. I was still scared but I was a lot calmer and used the recorded sessions on take-off and at times of turbulence. I even managed to enjoy some parts of the flight and the landing into Spain despite a plane full of children screaming! The flight back was bumpy throughout with thick cloud on landing but I practiced the deep breathing and was fine, my husband was amazed that I wasn’t climbing up the walls. I definitely feel that from now on I will be a calmer flyer and will enjoy the whole process a lot more. I am so glad that I came to see you and that I didn’t put it off any longer. Thank you very much and if there is ever anything else I need help with I will give you a call.
Fear of Flying
I went to see Leigh, as I’d had a very bad experience whilst landing in an aeroplane. I was terrified of flying again. I had several therapy sessions and when I went on my next plane trip I was amazingly calm and controlled as I was before the bad experience and enjoyed the flight. I am looking forward to my next flight, not dreading it. I would recommend anyone who has a fear of flying or any other phobia to try Leigh’s services.
Fear of Flying
Just to let you know I have been to the dentist today after a very long wait, I got a little jittery so I popped my headphones in and listened to the CD you gave me, then I was fine, nothing wrong with the teeth did not even need treatment after all that, just a deep clean. Thank you so much for your help I will continue to listen every time I go. Thank you thank you thank you.
Fear of the Dentist
I came with an open mind with an extreme fear of Flying (11 out of 10 in terms of ranking how frightened I was). In the space of four sessions I have managed to accept and loose the fear; now I am comfortable and looking forward to holidays. A great Help. A follow up following his return home: Just landed back in the UK the flights went brilliant, no fear and in control so all good.
Fear of Flying
I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for all your help over the last few months. The flight to NYC and back again was a HUGE success and I am so proud at how well I did. There was a lot of turbulence on the way home, but I didn’t have one panic attack, there was no motion sickness and I didn’t even cry. I stayed calm throughout the whole flight, did my breathing and kept my palms up. I even gave myself a smile in the mirror when I went to the toilet to show myself how well I thought I was doing.
Fear of Flying
Went to Leigh for my fear of flying which was getting worse as I get older and with having a 21 month year old son I thought it was time to deal with the problem head on so it doesn’t get passed onto him. I found Leigh via her website and am so pleased I did as after 4 sessions I managed flights to the Caribbean recently with no drugs from the doctor, no alcohol and having no panic attacks. Hooray! Thanks so much Leigh-I think you’ve changed my life.
Fear of Flying


Since I came to see Leigh last October I have shed 3 stone and 3 lbs., and lost 6 inches from each of my bust, waist and hips. My blood pressure which was so high I had to take tablets is now almost normal and I have been advised that I may be able to reduce the tablets in the next couple of months and eventually cease having to take them completely if it continues to be at this level. I have so much more energy now and can get up and down the stairs more easily, as well as play with my grandchildren without getting so tired. The main advantage to this programme is that I have now changed my eating habits and I am convinced that I will keep off the weight for life.
I came to Leigh at 11.7 stone and at the end of my tether. I was unable to lose weight and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. A few weeks later I am now one stone lighter and my confidence is just so much better. She not only helped me lose weight, but other issues are now far more in control and my life feels like it’s finally getting back on track; as does my body. I cannot give enough praise to her and thanks for the positive things I have achieved since coming to her. Thank you Leigh you are a real life saver.
My journey up to now has included various diets, thought plans and a lot of DON’TS. Doing hypnotherapy has enabled me to look through all the information and thoughts I have stored up and choose what is good and helpful for me. It has enabled me to have control over my thoughts that include my feelings and it has created a ripple effect into the rest of my life. I have a plan and now feel able to stick to it for my own wellbeing. This has been a very positive experience and I would encourage others to look after themselves by doing hypnotherapy.
Since seeing Leigh my life has changed….I’m enjoying it! I’m eating what I need, not what I want; sleeping all night; exercising more. I know now that losing weight was part of what I needed to do. I’m now forward thinking and looking forward to what the future brings. Thank you Leigh
After trying most commercial diets and failing – I decided to give hypnosis a try. I was eating up to 6 packets of crisps a day. From my first session with Leigh I have not touched a single packet. Leigh has helped re-educate my eating habits. I no longer pick between meals on unhealthy fatty food.
I came to see Leigh after years of trying the usual diets and after having put on 6 stone over the last 6 years! For me, I couldn’t control my cravings and used food as a reward if I was feeling down; upset or happy. Over the last few weeks, I no longer have any cravings and recognise that food never solved any of my problems! I eat half of what I used to and have already dropped a dress size. I know that I can continue and keep going for the rest of my life. The support Leigh provides is excellent and this really is the start of my new life!
I fell into the same cycle of diets with little real success. My initial thought on hypnosis was it was just another “thing to try”. To my surprise I have lost some real weight and unlike before, feel more confident to make this work. The sessions have boosted my own will power to avoid sweets, fatty food and take-aways. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorders

Leigh has really helped my son with his panic and anxiety; the change in him and how he feels is absolutely brilliant. We are both really glad we chose to see her. The future is now looking a lot brighter.
Panic attacks
Just to let you know the poem went brilliantly. I did not shake or go red and managed to read the poem slowly with emphasis on the “you”. It was strange but I was not nervous like I normally would be and actually enjoyed reading the poem. i think it helped that I was able to relate to the poem and I somehow managed to smile and put some humour into it. People were laughing as I was reading the poem so I must have done well. After the ceremony quite a few people came up to me to say how lovely the reading was and someone even said I got the facial expressions perfect for the humour of the poem! Thank you for all your help. I am going to try and remember the confidence I had reading the poem for future presentations at work. If I can read in front of 120 people at the wedding I am sure I can get more confident for my work presentations too! Thanks again.
A poetry reading at a wedding.
Very helpful, very relaxing. The course that I have been on has helped me tremendously, I would recommend it to anyone. I was just sad it came to an end.
Panic Attacks
My sessions with Leigh have helped me become a more assertive, calmer and positive person. I am so glad I came here. She is incredibly understanding. The techniques I have learnt in order to face my fear have been very helpful. Thank you.
Panic Attacks
After six sessions I feel much more able to face situations that I would have previously avoided. It’s getting over the first high hurdle that’s difficult, but now I am on the right path to do more. I am looking forward to a future of many possibilities. Thanks so much
Panic Anxiety
When I contacted you I was at the end of my tether – my 14 year old son was struggling with crippling anxiety. 6 weeks on he is a changed person. He has relaxed, opened up and I feel like I have my son back! You have helped us through a very difficult time and given us many tools to work with. We are now well equipped for the future!
Panic and anxiety


From our first meeting Leigh made me feel comfortable and assured. It’s been a great experience working with her and I’ve made great steps forward in conquering my difficulties with focus and procrastination. Leigh helped me understand the causes of my ‘faffing around’ (as I called it!) and has given me the tools I can use to improve. I often felt overwhelmed trying to juggle my children, work and running a home. The hypnotherapy helped calm my thoughts and emotions, enabling me to concentrate on the tools I can use to focus on getting things done and ultimately relieving stress. With very little time to spare I don’t have the luxury of lack-of-focus and procrastination. I’ve learnt, with Leigh’s help, that in order to tackle the reasons I keep burying my head in the sand, I actually need to start ‘doing’ and this will help break the cycle. It’s a work in progress – but I feel with the tools, tips and CD’s she has provided I can make real progress, now and in the future, towards being the person I’d like to be.
I have just finished a course of CBT and hypnosis with a client whose life was a misery as she just couldn’t seem to get things done, which were for her ultimate benefit. This is what Lynne said “I have found this course most helpful. It has made me think differently about the way I do things and the way I manage tasks in my life.
Procrastination Patient
I definitely feel less worried and less stressed. The sessions helped me realise why I have negative thoughts and how to stop them.

Low Self Esteem and Self Confidence

I am delighted with the help that Leigh has given me. I came to her when I was at a very low point and in honesty I had fairly low expectations. With Leigh’s help I feel that I have made fantastic progress and I am mentally in such a better place that my old self is almost unrecognisable. It can be difficult to make the decision to ask for help, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Leigh. She has great empathy, zeros in very quickly on the areas which will give you the most benefit and provides excellent tools and help to get you moving quickly. If you have recognised in yourself that you need some help, I would strongly recommend you seeking it from Leigh – you won’t be sorry!
It’s helped me to focus on my positives and release the emotional dead-weight of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and lacking.
Self esteem
I have found the course very helpful and Leigh made me look at things differently and has helped me to feel much more positive about things. She has helped me to build my self esteem, motivation and outlook.
Self esteem
I previously let low self-esteem affect my performance in exams and how I felt about myself and how I act. I now know not to be so hard on myself and not to let my past define me. To learn from mistakes and appreciate all the positives and to treat myself better than I was.
Low self-esteem and exam anxiety
Leigh has made a life changing impact to my life; through her guidance and useful techniques I have made many positive changes to my life.
I couldn’t put a price on the value of doing this programme. I feel completely re-invigorated. I like the best version of myself – it has allowed me to allow myself to be happy again. Identifying key problems, behaviours and beliefs in my life have provided me with a clear path forward towards a happy, healthy and balanced life.
Just a line to let you know that things are going very well in my new job. Thank you for helping me to improve my confidence and overcome the fears that were stopping me for going for another job. I hope you are well. I will probably be visiting you soon for Smoking Cessation. Kind Regards, Sonia
Self-esteem / Confidence
Leigh made me feel very welcome and relaxed, she helped me overcome my fears about hypnotism and I felt extremely comfortable in trusting her expertise. I have spent years working on self- development and although I have made great progress still suffered from some buried deep negative beliefs. After just 2 sessions I feel like a key has been turned in my mind, greatly improving my self-esteem and confidence and helping to unlock my full potential. I am now able to calm my panicky thoughts right down and feel confident on a consistent basis. What a marvellous feeling, thank you Leigh you have changed my life!
Lack of Self-Esteem
Hi Leigh, It has taken me a while to compose the words to express the way you have changed me but I hope it is of use to yourself. Coming up to my 40th birthday, I got to the point where I felt worthless, a failure, ugly, hating everything about myself and tried to take my own life. Why?? After a childhood of not fitting in and not being part of the “in-crowd”, growing up wearing glasses, growing into an adult without the confidence to talk to the opposite sex, having a marriage fail after my wife cheated on me, losing the best job, losing both of my parents, losing the love of my life due to her lack of sex drive and left with nowhere to live. Always worried about the way people see me, what they thought of me. This only touches on what I’ve been through up to before I met Leigh. I got to the point where I had nowhere to go, nobody to trust, nobody to talk to, nobody to reassure me. I had no self-esteem. The only shining light was my new job and my two, teenage, daughters. I spent a short time, one evening, investigating different types of therapy when I stumbled across Leigh and her own business, I liked the look of her site as it was not commercial, it was clearly a personal message to anyone that visits. It took me a few days just to pluck up the courage to email her, scared she would think I was stupid over-reacting or there was no hope for me. My first session of 6 was booked and I went along without any idea of what was going to happen, listening to colleagues telling me that I would be hypnotised into thinking I was a chicken with the use of a random word??? Its amazing what you can listen to sometimes. But instead I spent the next 30 minutes talking to a lady that seemed interested to hear what I was saying and thinking, followed by a hypnosis session which felt like hours, drifting in comfort. I could hear everything Leigh was saying but she was not saying anything, she was suggesting, making my mind see things in different ways, positively. The session was copied onto a disc for me to keep, which I converted into MP3 format and listened to most evenings. To most people, it may sound ridiculous but that first session changed me so much that everybody noticed it within hours. I had confidence, not arrogance, for the first time ever and I walked tall without looking to the floor. I was happy with mefor the first time ever. Over the next 6 months I had 5 further sessions which were structured the same way but each one emphasised a different part of the way I perceived myself. Made me see the world in a different light, the world is not out to get me, I was worth something! The last session (2/2/2016) was different, I was confident about my mindset and the future already so Leigh agreed to fix my worst bad habit. I have bitten my nails since I first got two opposing teeth, I’d tried everything but nothing worked. The session was very similar in layout to the other sessions and Leigh gave me a nail file and vaseline, with instructions of when/how to use them. That was followed by another hypnosis session, which again I could hear everything that was being suggested. That session was my last but I walked away a completely different man. I now have confidence, I’m happy, I’m in a loving relationship, I have an amazing career and have been promoted since therapy and I haven’t gone near my nails!!! Whilst being hypnotised you are completely aware of your surroundings, it is nothing like what you see on the TV. You can fall asleep and sometimes hear everything but you are so relaxed. I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world, I knew I could open my eyes and sit up but my mind was calmly telling me to just lay there the two sides of my brain were have a conversation over whether I should open them or not. As soon as Leigh told me to, my eyes just opened, completely surreal. I cant honestly explain how hypnotherapy works but you would understand if you knew me before and after. I have been asked by my friends…. Does it work, hypnosis, does it work? My answer…. Have I changed? Am I the same person from last year? No, I’m happy…..My life has just started, I look forward not back. It will be my 40th on the 24th February, I honestly would not have seen it without Leigh Adley and Set Your Mind Free!!!! Thank you again for everything you have done, you’re one amazing person.
Low self-esteem
I has been a pleasure to have Leigh as a guide to help me overcome my issues of an unstable mind. Showing me the right direction and helping me to understand my own good qualities which I myself never looked at. Thank you so much Leigh and God bless you.
Self - Esteem

Insomnia and Peaceful Sleep

My insomnia has improved 100% and my raised glucose levels (due to diabetes) is now constant. I have also dropped some inches. Thanks

Stop Smoking

Have been a non smoker for one month now. Can’t believe how easy its been. Considering Mk half marathon on 2 May next year. Thanks for your help.
Quit smoking
With your help I have been a non-smoker for a few months now. I’ll be honest – I didn’t expect it to work for me. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to hypnotise me. But, here I am months later – not smoking. It still took a lot of will-power, but it removed the anxiety – which was a problem for me. And my wife reports I was much less irritable than when I’ve tried in the past. So, thank you. I do feel confident that I can say ‘never again’ and mean it! Looking forward to the future with my kids,
M. Moore
Stop Smoking
I hope you are well, just thought I would let you know that I have not had a cigarette and I am not using patches! Hooray!! I do still have the odd craving but it is manageable.
Smoking Cessation
I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t smoked at all since I came to see you on January 4th! I feel so much better and I haven’t missed it at all. Many thanks.
Stop Smoking
It is almost 6 weeks now since I had a cigarette following my visit to Set Your Mind Free Hypnotherapy. After chatting with Leigh and her asking me some probing questions about my reasons for quitting, I had a light bulb moment when I recognised my main reason for stopping was to see my Grandson grow up. It’s not been a “walk in the park” – changing habits never is, but I have now saved over £200 which I am investing in Premium Bonds so I can see the money mounting up and have a chance of a big win. Thank you again, I do feel much better for giving up and have a pot of money growing by the day. :o)
Smoking Cessation
I stopped smoking in two sessions with Leigh and now I am a very proud non-smoker. I was so pleased with the ease at which I was able to stop that I have now booked further therapy for other lifestyle issues with Leigh. I am a big believer in hypnotherapy and am living proof that it works!
Smoking Cessation
We are both feeling great, not smoking and getting hardly any cravings. We feel like we have got a new lease of life, clean and healthy, thank you.
Catherine and Oliver
Stop smoking
Leigh’s hypnotherapy has played such a key part in helping me to regain my focus and control in my weight loss goals. I am now fully engaged in my exercise programme and forming healthy eating habits that are already showing results. I have also previously been to Leigh for help to stop smoking and with great success. I highly recommend Leigh’s hypnotherapy sessions. Thank you Leigh.
Weight Loss & Stopping Smoking
Not sure if I missed a call from you recently but I was calling you to let you know I had actually stopped smoking! I am now on day 30!
Smoking Cessation
I came to see Leigh for quitting smoking on the 5th February this year. I became a non-smoker the minute I left her therapy room and I am pleased to report that 7 months later I have still not touched a cigarette and that is in spite of other people around me continuing to smoke. I know that I am a non-smoker now for life and that I will live to see my Grandchildren grow up. Thank you Leigh you have prolonged my life.
Smoking Cessation
After smoking for over fifteen years and trying various methods to stop smoking, I can honestly say that hypnotherapy with Leigh was by far the most successful method I’ve tried, and in fact I have not smoked a cigarette since my final session almost 3 months ago, and I am extremely happy with the results and how I feel.
Stop Smoking
It made me feel cool at the age of 16, smoking my way through those first few packets of cigarettes, friends and family trying to warn me of what lay on the path ahead. Wish I listened and never lit those first cigarettes. I’m 31 now, and after around 6 years of attempts, using almost every different method available to find my way out of the nicotine trap, such as patches, gum, micro tabs, prescribed champix tablets, Allen Carr’s ‘Easy way’, good old will power, nothing seemed to stick. Then I decided to try Hypnotherapy, looked online and found Leigh’s site. After filling in a few simple forms and emailing them back to her so she could make a plan, I was at the hands of a real expert in their field. The whole experience was very comfortable, and her plan with hypnosis was I thought, very clever indeed. Stopped smoking in an instant, and looked forward and enjoyed breaking free with little to no withdrawal symptoms. I’ve now been a non-smoker for around 10 weeks, confidently knowing I’ll never touch another cigarette again. I therefore without hesitation recommend Leigh to anyone who really wants to quit smoking.
Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

My experience with Leigh has been excellent. I have tried to lose weight many times with varying amounts of success – the difference this time is that I am not hungry all of the time and waiting to go off-the-rails. Leigh was very clear that we were focussing on health and not weight and this has been a great way. I have lost over a stone and it is still coming off. My husband commented that he had noticed that I didn’t appear obsessed with dieting, which has also helped to make this an enjoyable experience. Lastly, Leigh has been great, always warm and welcoming and I have looked forward to my sessions.
Weight Loss for Health and Wellbeing
Spending time with Leigh really has changed my outlook on life. I’ve lost weight, feel more positive and feel now that I have the tools I need to achieve what I want.
Weight loss and Positivity
When I went and met with Leigh I felt very confused about myself, my weight and where I was going. Leigh helped me to clear my mind, re-focus my thoughts and look at eating and how I am with food differently. I am now 16 lbs. lighter and feel a lot stronger in myself and my mind.
Weight Loss
I liked this programme because it has changed my life. I have control over my life an feel so much happier and healthier. I enjoy the healthy foods that I eat now and do many different exercises. I have got so much more energy now.
Weight Reduction
Leigh is a very ‘human’ person and the support she has given has made such a difference. From Day 1 I had curbed my obsession of food and her continued guidance has given me confidence to reach my target.
Weight Reduction
Just thought I’d drop you a quick update to say I’m still going strong with my healthy eating! I’m now down to 11st 12lb from 13st 3lb and that’s even after a girls’ weekend away in Liverpool! My wardrobe is expanding and I can fit into 70% of the clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for the last 2 years, even my favourite dress which was the item on my ‘what do you see yourself wearing…’ list. Being able to wear more things motivates me more every day. Thanks so much for helping my break the vicious circle that I’ve been going round for years.
Weight Loss
In February 2011, I was extremely unhappy, overweight, lethargic very unhealthy, and mentally unable to start a diet. Every night, I would go to bed and promise myself that the next day, I would diet. Over and over in my head I would promise myself, tomorrow, I will be able to do it tomorrow. The tomorrows never came, because the enormity of what I needed to loose (I was nearly 18 stone) always put me off me before I even started. My frustration was even more compounded because I had lost weight before, 3 stone in fact with Weight watchers, but once I stopped dieting, over a very short time had piled the weight I had lost and much more. Then one Sunday morning Leigh Adley’s glossy advertisement, popped through my letterbox. I read it and the very next morning sent her an e mail. Almost immediately we were talking, she invited me in to come and chat with her to see if Cognitive Hypnotherapy would work for me and I told her, “Let’s just get started”. I was amazed at Leigh’s professionalism, the fact that we spent a lot of time, going through my eating habits – yes I was truthful – and my illnesses. I was honestly as disbelieving as anyone that she would be able to change the habits of a lifetime. Leigh was quickly able to identify that my problem was I had a massive sugar addiction; I was constantly grazing on everything bad for me. She told me she would work with me on that and she did. I left her on that first day and thought, was that it? This is never going to work. But it did, I can truthfully say, from that very first session, I have never knowingly eaten chocolate, or sweets, or biscuits. I learnt what foods are best for me, and how to resist foods that are not. Now I do not even have to think about it, I automatically reject any food that I think is not good. I take time to prepare beautiful meals, I enjoy a more varied range of foods and I am never ever hungry. To date I have lost 52lbs – that is nearly 4 stone. I even lost weight on a cruise. This is not just a diet, it is a complete change of life and boy has my life changed, I look great, I feel great, I love the way I look. I am happy, confident, and healthy, my blood pressure has tumbled, and my cholesterol is low. I look ten years younger, I feel 20 years younger. I am happy throwing out the fat person’s clothes, because I know I now have the control to say NO to myself. I am never ever going back to being that sad person. I am not where I want to be yet, but I can truthfully say, I am on the way and I know I will get there. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Leigh, she is absolutely brilliant.
Weight Loss
I and my daughter started this lifetime change with Leigh, with small expectations, but in desperation, as nothing seemed to work and the weight was piling on. Straight away, her combination of straight talking and hypnosis took hold and we found the weight dropping off. I would recommend wholeheartedly, Leigh and this form of weight loss. It certainly worked for us.
Weight Loss and Lifestyle change
I have found this new lifestyle choice has really worked for me. I feel great. I have my confidence back and this has literally changed my life tenfold.
Weight Reduction
My constant craving for chocolate is greatly reduced – when I am tempted I now know how to deal with those cravings without giving into them. My sweet tooth is disappearing – I no longer think I must have dessert after each meal. If I feel I need as snack I eat something protein based to keep me fuller for longer. The weight has started to come off and I feel great about myself. Thank you
Weight Loss
Leigh has helped me in ways I thought no one ever could. I came to finally sort out my anxieties and weifht issues and came away with so much more. My confidence has soared and my outlook and atitude to life has vastly improved. I’ve still got a journey ahead of me, but this time I will reach the end. I will change my life!
Drop excess weight, deal with anxiety and increase confidence
I think it has been over 2 months now but the summer holidays were manic with the children and I am just getting caught up. Things are still going well with me, I have just passed the 30lbs lost mark which is fantastic. It is amazing how much better I feel and how much more I can do.
Follow up to weight loss hypnosis
I went to the doctors before I started this eating plan and was told that my cholesterol was very high and I would need to go on statins. I went back about a month ago and had my blood re-tested. My cholesterol level has gone down from 8.5 to 6.1, my doctor is very pleased and says I don’t need to go on the statins – I’m absolutely delighted! I’ve just been up to the sales today, it was wonderful! I went last year and it was thoroughly depressing, nothing fitted. It was completely different this year and I made sure I had a good spend and bought some nice clothes!
Weight Reduction
Many thanks for all the help on my weight loss journey. Having reached the end of my tether hypnotherapy was my last resort. With your help I have managed to control my eating and am now on track with my weight loss. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with their weight as this does really work.
Weight Loss
I have now lost a stone but more importantly my health has improved enormously. My high blood sugar level (due to diabetes) of 11.9 has reduced to 6.7.
Weight Loss
I found this course to be extremely helpful in teaching me to understand my true hunger signs and the best food options to give my body. Also to put myself first, so that I can then give my full healthy self to others.
It has made a huge difference to me. I can walk comfortably now, with no pain in my knee or back, and (you won’t believe it) but I can even run to the corner of the road and back. It is just amazing the difference, not just the weight (19lbs!) or the waist reduction (6 inches!) but the energy I have now, compared to how I felt when I started this journey on 03 October. I honestly cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me.
Ann C
Weight Reduction
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