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Tapping (TFT)

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What is Tapping (TFT)?

Tapping is a healing energy based form of psychotherapy connecting mind and body. It may help reduce unhelpful and negative automatic thoughts (NATS), and also help you deal with any emotional overload of fear leading to you feeling overwhelmed from an actual event (from the past) or an imagined event (from the future) rather than living in the here and now.

What is Tapping based on?

This therapy was developed 20+ years ago by a psychiatrist in the USA. Inspiration for the development of a new approach came in 1980, when he successfully experimented with finger tapping to treat a woman’s phobia of water. The woman, called Mary, had made very little steps forward after several months of cognitive therapy and desensitization treatments.

With his knowledge of  kinesiology (a holistic therapy which uses muscle response testing to measure the motor response of the central nervous system, to a sensory challenge to determine imbalances in the body) , the psychiatrist tried something different. Because he was aware that Mary’s fear was often experienced as a “sick feeling” in her stomach, he made the decision to tap the acupressure points under her eye, as this is associated with the stomach. This stopped Mary’s phobia and led him to begin looking for acupressure points linked to other issues.

Linking together modern psychotherapy and Eastern tradition, tapping draws greatly on the ancient Chinese customs of acupressure and acupuncture, which highlights an internal energy system. Acupressure and acupuncture are based on the premise that energy flows along a network of pathways in the body and that logjams in the energy system result in anxiety/fear/depression etc.. Each pathway, also called a “meridian,” is linked to its own organ and finishes at a specific point on the surface of the skin. When meridian end points are stimulated through applied pressure (acupressure) or needles (acupuncture) they are believed to remove these logjams, bringing back a healing flow of energy and wellbeing.

By using the meridian points and bilateral stimulations with gentle finger tapping on specific areas of the body (usually the face or hand) it may be possible to eliminate or reduce negative and unhelpful thoughts and feelings. Each particular issue carries it’s own algorithm (set of instructions), e.g. it would be slightly different for panic vs. anxiety.

Tapping is based on the belief that our bodies comprise of fields of energy and that unevenness in these fields of energy may cause physical and emotional challenges. It is believed these differences may be overcome by tapping certain points in a particular order (usually on face or hands) to enable a more balanced and grounded way of thinking/being.

How does Tapping work?

Clients are asked to think about the challenge they have and to evaluate the scale of their level of concern from 1 to 10. Ten being the highest level of uneasiness, and 1 being no issue whatsoever. As you go through the algorithm by tapping with two fingers on the specified meridian points (on face or hands usually) you look to reduce your initially score down to 1 and rebalance the distress you are/have been experiencing.

As an example the algorithm for trauma involves tapping five times on the eyebrow, under the eye, under the arm, and on the collarbone.

Will Tapping work for you?

As part of my therapy work I try to offer you as many simple techniques as possible, in order to help you overcome your issue. Tapping, along with calm breathing, grounding, muscle relaxation and hypnotherapy is another tool that I very often teach you, so that you can help yourself in moments of fear.

So many of my clients who are challenged by anxiety, depression, trauma, panic or stress find it extremely useful to have a technique that enables them to feel in control of their own emotions. 

People tell me that “When I focus on the negative thoughts and tap through the algorithm, it’s like hitting a reset button; my stress and anxiety disappears. I feel calm, more confident and empowered.”

If you’d like to find out more about Tapping, contact our Milton Keynes office at 01908 265410. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how it could work for you and make the difference you’re looking for.

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