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The pressure of a progressively challenging work culture is perhaps the biggest and most pressing unrelenting challenge to achieving a work-life balance.

Failure to achieve a work-life balance may impact your lifestyle.

The upshot of working longer and longer hours is that it may have an impact on your lifestyle and make it extremely difficult for you to achieve a work-life balance.  This may harm your mental well-being and make you more susceptible to mental health problems.

So what are the signs of an unhealthy work-life balance?

  • You may feel very unhappy about the time you feel you need to devote to work
  • A failure to achieve a work life balanceis likely to mean that you are neglecting other aspects of your life because of work, which may increase your vulnerability to mental health problems
  • Working long hours may lead you to feeling depressed, anxious or irritable.
  • The more hours you spend at work, the more hours outside of work you are likely to spend thinking or worrying about it and the less likely you are to achieve a work-life balance.
  • As your hours increase your feelings of happiness may decrease.
  • Working long hours may lead you to experience negative effects on your personal life, including lack of personal development, physical and mental health problems; poor relationships and a declining home life.

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