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Aggression In Children


Milton Keynes

Do you need help dealing with aggression in children?

We are here to help!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Aggression in Children

It is possible for a child to learn how to sort out problems in a way that makes everybody happy. Often though kids/teens deal with conflict aggressively, and try to convince other people that their way is the best by force or argument. Good conflict resolution skills do not seem to be used in most of the conflicts we see or hear about, (such as in the family home, in films and on television, in the school yard, on the news). However there are excellent ways of dealing with conflict that lead to a peaceful solution.

If you feel your child/teen needs help in dealing effectively with their aggressive behaviour through Cognitive Hypnotherapy (which uses cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy in tandem) and most importantly they are willing to be helped then call me on 01908 265410 to book a free consultation for both of you.

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