How to Overcome Social Anxiety

How social anxiety affects people As human beings, we truly feel the need to be accepted by other people, and this is why social anxiety is so common. Social Anxiety can affect anyone at any time, and causes problems with everyday situations, from going shopping to talking to people on the phone, as well as […]

13 Things To Do To Let Go Of Stress

Turn stress into positive energy! We all experience stress and frustrations every day, the childminder rings in sick as you’re about to leave for work, stroppy clients or colleagues pouncing on you the minute you walk into the office or the kids trashing their clothes just as you’re about to leave the house for the school run… […]

10 Symptoms of Depression

Last week’s blog covered “What is depression”.  In this article, we look at the symptoms.  As already stated previously “major depression” is different from “low mood”. We may all at some time experience some of the symptoms shown below.  However, if you have more than 3 of them at any one time and they last […]

What is Depression?

Do you know what Depression means? Lots of people experience the symptoms of depression (see Part 2 next week).  They may start to wonder if there is something wrong with them and ask themselves if they are going mad!  It is not helpful if others say “just pull yourself together” as obviously you would if you could. […]

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